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Explore our beautiful Welsh estuaries and salt marshes.



What's included?

This 2-3 hour experience is a great way to explore our estuaries and salt marshes. We will look at this unique habitat, the wild foods that grow there and how the environment effects their flavours. We will cover sustainable harvesting methods and uses for each ingredient. The salt marsh offers some unique flavours that you just can't find elsewhere.


Where is it?

We use locations all over Pembrokeshire and will choose the most suitable location for the experience, based on your preferences upon booking. Common locations we use are Laugharne, Lawrenny & Sandy Haven


What food is included?

There is no lunch included in this experience, however you're welcome to bring a packed lunch. You will have the opportunity to graze on the plants and seaweeds as we go.


How do I use my voucher?

Just get in contact with us via email and quote your voucher number, we will then arrange a time & date with you for the experience day. We can also plan for any medical conditions, food allergies and accessibly concerns during this phase.


This is a fantastic option to buy as a gift!

If you have any questions, or would prefer to purchase the voucher via email, you can contact me at:


Please Note: All gift vouchers are all sent as an eVoucher, to reduce paper waste, and comply with our sustainable practices!

Salt Marsh Foraging Experience

  • There are no refunds available for this voucher. Once you purchace it, it's yours to use however you wish. 

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